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As a pre-transplant patient, I felt overwhelmed by the power of the words “What if”.
What if I don’t make the list?
What if I’m turned down for surgery?
What if I don’t wake up?
What if I’m in a coma?
What if I DIE?
These questions made me focus on the possibility of death rather than the possibility of life.
The odds of getting a transplant seemed too daunting for me to consider any other outcome.

However, after I received my transplant, I was able to see the positive side of the phrase “What if” —
What if I LIVE?
What if I get to witness my daughter’s graduation, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even help others?
These positive “What ifs” showed me the life I could still have, and I’m filled with immense gratitude
for being given a second chance.
I never anticipated the meaningful relationships I would forge with family and friends, and the joy of being able to help others. I am so thankful to my donor for the gift of life they have provided me.
~Lorrinda Gray-Davis

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