INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute

Among the nation’s highest success rates

For some, transplantation can be their final hope. For others, it’s their saving grace. We invite you to get to know some of the specialists at Oklahoma’s largest multi-organ transplant facility. Be inspired by stories of journeys that redefine what it means to offer a new beginning … or be given a new lease on life. If you have questions or need assistance, call 800-991-3349.

Types of Transplants

Leading the way as one of the nation’s best organ transplant hospitals

In 1985, INTEGRIS became one of only a handful of transplant hospitals in the nation to perform a human heart transplant. The organ transplant institute is now named after the physician who not only performed that transplant, but who revolutionized the transplant program at INTEGRIS — Dr. Nazih Zuhdi.

Today’s INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi transplant teams perform transplants for nearly every organ system: heart, lungs, liver, kidney and pancreas. And they’ll go the distance to save lives — experts have flown to more than 20 states to retrieve donated organs.