Team Oklahoma 2024

Transplant Games of America

July 5-10, 2024

Birmingham, Alabama

Team Oklahoma, comprised of organ and tissue transplant recipients and their families, come together at the Transplant Games of America and all year round to promote the success of organ and tissue transplantation, raise awareness for the urgent need of donors, and honor those who generously gave the gift of life.

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Who We Are

TRIO-Oklahoma is a non-profit membership organization working to improve the quality of life for transplant recipients, candidates and their families. Donor families and others interested in transplant may also join. By sharing personal experiences, chapter members complement the counseling provided by healthcare professionals.

TRIO’s symbol is the Tree of Life.  With its intertwining branches, it represents the intertwining of the lives of two human beings, the donor and the recipient, through the Gift of Life.  Green the color of growth and new life, was chosen for the tree to reinforce the new beginning transplantation gives to the recipient.

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“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you”

– Katie Reed


We are working to improve the quality of life for transplant recipients, candidates, and their families.

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Order a TRIO information kit — absolutely free! The kit contains all the information you need to know about our organization and how to get involved.


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Every dollar counts and generous donations from our supporters will help us provide financial resources for transplant patients.

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