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As a pre-transplant patient, I felt overwhelmed by the power of the words “What if”. What if I don’t make the list? What if I’m turned down for surgery? What if I don’t wake up? What if I’m in a coma? What if I DIE? These questions made me focus on the possibility of death rather than the possibility of life. The odds of getting a transplant seemed too daunting for me to consider any other outcome. However, after I…

Supporting Organ Transplant Recipients TRIO-Oklahoma Peer-to-Peer   Transplant recipients, and those waiting on a transplant can have a variety of needs. They may experience a single acute event, or have ongoing health struggles. Often, it is a combination of both. When a person comes to the Trio-Oklahoma website or attends a group meeting, they’ll find that our focus is always on supporting organ transplant recipients in every way possible. That includes psychosocial, emotional, mental, and physical well being. Some of…

APRIL 2023 DEVELOPMENTS AT UNOS The press has started to report on substantial changes to UNOS that are being recommended by HRSA, the department at HHS that oversees UNOS and transplantation policy. Your Committee will continue to monitor the recommendations as they unfold and will report out to you as we receive the information. In addition, there was major press coverage to the results of the UNOS liver allocation policy that was implemented several years ago. The Committee is planning…

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